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Ice Drive Sweden

All participants, including drivers and passengers, must read and sign the disclaimer prior to arriving at Ice Drive Sweden and before taking part in any activities.

Any participants under the age of 18, should have a parent or guardian countersign the disclaimer. 

Please read the following terms and conditions fully, and sign to confirm recognition and agreement of the terms and conditions of Ice Drive Sweden.


  1. Ice Drive Sweden and associates do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury whilst taking part in Ice Drive Sweden activities, customers are to participate entirely at their own risk. 

  2. Ice Drive Sweden cannot guarantee the weather or conditions of the ice driving lake; therefore if cancellations occur due to unforeseen circumstances, Ice Drive Sweden cannot refund any flights or any third party booked accommodation or other activities booked direct by you, the customer. Ice Drive Sweden will however; refund the ice driving activities in full and also any accommodation booked directly by Ice Drive Sweden. Please refer to the cancellation policies of your personally booked hotels and airlines.

  3. Ice Driving activities must be paid for in full prior to arrival and participation (at least 7 days prior to arrival), unless agreed with Ice Drive Sweden admin. Additional activities can be booked and paid for during the trip.

  4. Whilst participating in Ice Drive Sweden activities, customers must follow instructions and directions provided by the staff of Ice Drive Sweden. If found to be abusing any of the rules set out in the drivers briefing and/or carrying out dangerous or reckless activities, they will be asked to leave the lake immediately without a refund. As for any third party activities, such as Snowmobiles, the third party can also refuse to allow participants to continue for reasons at their discretion, and without a refund. Participants must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and should consider themselves in a fit state to participate in the activities.

  5. Any customers choosing to access the lake with a non-Ice Drive Sweden vehicle, will be deemed liable for their own vehicle and any losses or damage occurred. Their own rental/vehicle insurance will need to cover any accidents and damage. Customers using their own vehicles on the lake are liable for their vehicles and passengers. Any damage occurred is not the responsibility of Ice Drive Sweden & all rules and instructions still apply to these customers.

  6. In relation to driving standards on the local roads, Ice Drive Sweden does not accept any responsibility for the actions of its clients.  The local roads need to be treated with respect and normal highway codes should be followed. Customers should have their own arrangements for recovery or breakdown whilst travelling on public roads. Ice Drive Sweden has a recovery car if any incidents occur locally, but a charge of £75.00 would occur. Please call Conor on 00447855468003.

  7. Prior to accessing the lake, all drivers and passengers will be required to attend a safety briefing that will be provided in the training room within the Ice Drive Sweden facilities. Attendance at this briefing will declare that a full understanding of all of the rules, regulations and the client’s responsibilities has occurred and any queries or misunderstandings should be brought up before accessing the driving lake.

Please note: the booking for hire vehicles includes one full tank of fuel only; additional fuel can be purchased from the Ice Drive HQ.



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We’ll only contact your emergency contact in the event of an emergency.

Collision Damage Waiver

  • Ice Drive Sweden hire out their vehicles to customers with the expectation that these vehicles are treated with respect and without occurring damage.  There is a Collision Damage Waiver that can be taken out (CWD) at a cost of £50.00 per driver in advance or £75.00 cash on the day. This is not mandatory but will cover you for any minor incidents or damage to the Ice Drive Sweden vehicles, that could occur.

  • If damage is considered as a repeat offence (incidents and damage being caused more than twice, then the CDW is void and any damage will be chargeable to the customer, with no refund)

  • If the incident is of a major fault and is deemed to be the drivers fault due to negligence and driving without due care and attention, then the CDW will be void and no refund will be given.

  • If the CDW is not taken out, and any damage occurs to the vehicles, then the driver will be responsible for charges for any damage occurred.


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