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We're lucky to have some highly skilled professional drivers join us on the lake each year. Why not book a passenger ride in one of our high performance ice lake taxis for a true thrill! 

Price: £75.00 for 2 people 


We offer Ice Karting in our six 270cc go karts equipped with spiked tires on a dedicated kart circuit carved into the lake. You can choose from a 20 minute taster session or a full Grand Prix consisting of a practice and qualifying session, followed by a 15 minute race! 

Taster Price: £42.00 per person

Grand Prix Price: £84.00 per person

 Helmets are provided.


When the lake closes to most, there is still plenty to do at Ice Drive Sweden HQ, including night driving! Our Boathouse BBQ is a great way to enjoy some local delicacies such as our famous Moose burger. A typical evening includes 30 minutes night driving, open fire pit, an open bar and hot food. 

Price: £112.00 per person (min 6 persons)


We work closely with a local partner who offer experienced guides to lead you on a tour of nearby mountain trails offering both stunning scenery and an exciting riding experience. Each snowmobile can carry two riders and you'll make a number of stops to change drivers during the tour so that everyone has the chance to try their hand at driving. 

This experience is based in Salen and run by our friends at Hogis.

Price: £150.00 per Skidoo for 90 minutes

Helmets are provided.


Whether you're a new or highly experienced Ice Driver, we always recommend some tuition from our team of highly skilled race and rally drivers. We love to see customers develop their skills during their time with us and some tuition is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your time on the lake.  

Tuition Price: £150.00 per hour

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