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We drive on a lake?

Yes, we do. The lake we use is called Södra Lötsjön which is in the region of Darlana in Sweden and has been used for Ice Driving in the winter months since the 1960s when it was an official testing facility for Volvo. The lake has a maximum depth of just 12 metres making it perfect for a consistent frozen surface.

Do I need a driving

The short answer is no as our lake is on private land and does not require you to drive on any public roads whatsoever. However, it is essential that you have experience in driving a manual car as none of our cars have an automatic gearbox. If you have any more specific questions about whether you have enough experience please contact us to enquire further.

Who is Ice Drving for?

Ice driving is open for everyone that wants to try it. There is absolutely no pre-requisite for any advanced driving ability or previous experience to partake. Ice driving is often used as a pre-season activity for racing drivers as it offers the perfect skill sharpening training for car control. Once you’ve mastered driving on ice, you can pretty much master driving on any surface. We can guarantee that regardless of your existing driving ability, you will go home from this experience as a better driver.

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Can I bring my own car?

Yes, absolutely. Our lake is open to customers who wish to bring their own cars but do so at their own risk. It is important you are aware that you will be sharing the lake with other cars and customers with varied driving abilities just like you would at any UK track day event.

How long will I be on the ice?

Following our morning safety breifing each day, a typical day on the lake is scheduled in the following way:

09.30hrs: Daily Safety Breifing
10.00hrs: Lake Opens

11.00hrs: Coffee Break

12.30hrs: Lunch Break

13.30hrs: Lake Opens

15.00hrs: Coffee Break

16.00hrs: Lake Closes

Will there be tutition available?

Yes, absolutely. The Ice Drive Sweden staff are professional rally or racing driviers who are always on site to help you. Tutition can be booked in 30 minute slots either at the time of booking or on site, subject to availability. Expert cars such as the rally cars and Porsche Cayman S include 30 minutes coaching as part of the car cost price.

How cold will it be?

Typically on the lake temperatures are around -10c, however, this can be very changeable. The coldest we’ve experienced is close to -30c and some days we’ve seen temperatures of +3c. We offer plenty of advice on what to pack for the trip well ahead of time. It’s worth noting that due to extremely low humidity (moisture in the air) even at it’s coldest temperatures, the environment is surprisingly pleasant.

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When does the season run?

Our season tends to run from late January through to late February depending on weather conditions. Historically we have never closed early due to weather conditions but please contact us for confirmed annual season dates.

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