The Lake is situated on the Norwegian border, at an altitude of 900m. As a result , the lake stays much colder than many other areas and can boast a good quality ice - great for rally driving!

The frozen lake is approximately 4.5km long by 1.3km wide with four tracks of a combined length of 15km. We use the tracks like a one way road system, with lots of interconnecting "Pit Lane" areas where you choose to stop, ask advice, have a snack or swap with a companian. We do not have track times - we start at around 9.30am and you drive until 5pm.

You will start each day with a short morning briefing held in the classroom on the lake side. Theory and coaching discussions are also held here, which you may find beneficial to learning the techniques.

There are always Champion rally and rallycross drivers on site to help you with your driving. We also often have guest Coaches to visit, but whoever is onsite will make sure you learn at your pace and in your own style.

The Swedes say that there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing. The temperature can vary from a cold +1 to a chilling -35 degrees, so you must bring good layers of clothing to keep warm. A good jacket, hat and sturdy footwear are the essential basics.

Ice Drive Sweden is open from the end of January through to the start of March, so call us now to make your booking!